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Better late than pregnant (c)
Bring me roses that last night
Before I see you die
Bring me roses that last night
Before you'll hear my cry
No, thats wrong. You'll never hear
And I'll cry alone
Don't you fear to die? I fear
Stay and see you gone
Bring me roses that last night
When I'll cry alone
All my life it's like a fight
And my heart is stone...
Соблюдайте авторские права! No plagiat!

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Better late than pregnant (c)
Smile, because not every day
You see me here, below you
Smile, just because I wanna hear you say
That you know I'm here for you
You know, my time is over, like a game
One minute more I'll go away
And never-never hear you say
"I love you..." - Oh, I can just pay
With blood to hear this... it's no shame
I told you maybe month ago:
My time will pass and I will go
And what to do? And what to say?
I went away... Just went away...
So smile, because not every day
I'm coming back to you
And it will never be again
Know: I will miss for you...
Это тоже написала я... просто на уроке меня охватило вдохновение... Аль, ты меня понимаешь!

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Eyes of green

Better late than pregnant (c)
I stood up next to you again
And in your eyes I saw much pain
Your deepest eyes, your eyes of green
Oh, god... so hard to be a teen...
Your deepest eyes of green...
My life is over me... just know
I can't believe you're here, below
I think of you and wake my heart
Is this the end? Is this the start?
It is so hard... So hard...
I never thaught of you stand here
Oh, don't you know how am I fear?
That you will go, and you don't know
How am I need you... please, don't go...
I'll never say you all my dreams
For what? We're all so stupid teens...
There's only you and nothing more...
I sure I love you... yes, I'm sure...
Этот стих написала я)) Прошу вас, если вы копируете, то пишите источник, пожалуйста! Я так делаю!!

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